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Finance Reporting
Electronic Claims
Patient Eligibilty
Authorisation service
Cost Analysis
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Reduced Human Resource Costs
  •   Eliminate hiring costs
  •   Eliminate staff training costs
  •   Eliminate employee benefit costs
  •   Eliminate payroll taxes
  •   Eliminate worker's compensation costs
Reduced Information Technology Costs
  •   Eliminate software purchases/maintenance costs
  •   Eliminate hardware upgrade costs
Client Account Management
  •   Personalized client services
  •   Dedicated Account Representative
Experienced and Well-Trained Employees
  •   Initial training of one month followed by consistent quality checks
  •   Continuing education and auditing performed
Exceptional Quality
  •   Performance measures applied and tracked
  •   Accuracy rates tested and maintained
Sophisticated Technology
  •   Same- to next-day processing of claims using installed scanner at client site
  •   Client's ability to remotely access billing/ scheduling information
Electronic Claims Processing
  •   Claims submitted electronically daily
  •   Audit reports received within 24 hours
  •   Direct claims submissions to Medicare (where available)
  •   Compliant with HIPAA Security mandates
  •   NetGear router with advanced firewall protection
  •   Data encryption and login/password
  •   Daily back-up using Veritas 9.0
  •   Rules on code of ethics implemented and followed
  •   Employee confidentiality agreements enforced
  •   HIPAA compliant with Privacy Rule
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