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We have been asked this question numerous times as we do not provide EMR software to complement our service offering. There are pros and cons to using the EMR Software that your billing service provides. Listed below are a few for your review and consideration.

  •   It is very likely that they are providing the software either for free or extremely cheap in order to "win" over your
         business for billing services
  •   All your data is on one integrated system
  •   The headache of managing the EMR software is your billing service’s
  •   It is a one-stop solution for Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records
  •   You are limited to software that they offer which may not always be the best depending on your specialty
  •   If you are unhappy with their billing services, it may be difficult to switch to another solution, unless you are
         able to buy their software or their software is a Hosted ASP solution
  •   Remember - their PRIMARY business is providing billing services, so their support for the EMR component
         may not always be comprehensive (and this is VERY important to a successful implementation and,
         ultimately, proper usage of the EMR software)
While using a billing service that has an EMR is a good idea, it is recommended to have a full understanding of what is involved.

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