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The Administrative Simplification regulations of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establish compliance standards for security, electronic transactions and privacy of patient's health in relation to transactions in the healthcare industry.

HealthQuist has undertaken extensive efforts to become compliant with HIPAA requirements and is completely compliant with all the HIPAA regulations. HealthQuist has engaged in the following efforts to ensure compliancy with HIPAA's rules and regulations:

  HealthQuist has designated internal personnel the responsibility of implementing,
     supervising and ensuring all transaction that take place are within the guidelines of the
     HIPAA rules and regulations.
  HealthQuist personnel have received extensive training in HIPAA's Privacy Rules.
  HealthQuist has implemented a HIPAA Addendum in the form of a Business Associate
     Agreement with all its clients and vendors outlining the privacy and confidentiality of
     patient health information.
  HealthQuist has established a secure and safe location to store all its client's files.
  HealthQuist has secured its technology systems to shield against loss of data through
     fire, undirected or directed attacks, theft, and many more risks that exist.

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