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HealthQuist's medical billing service is a complete, one-stop, full-service medical billing solution. HealthQuist is not here to say that we can increase your collections by 50% or 75%; rather, HealthQuist is here to maximize your collections as much as possible while simultaneously eliminating your financial and human resource headaches, so you and your staff can focus on delivering unsurpassed patient care. HealthQuist has invested a significant amount of resources in developing a complete solution that serves to maximize your collections, lower your costs, increase your efficiency and ultimately, boost your profits.

HealthQuist's exceptional customer service and vast industry knowledge becomes apparent well before our team begins the data-entry and follow-up with insurance companies. As you begin the transition to the HealthQuist billing model, your designated Account Manager will take you through the implementation phase. Your Account Manager will familiarize themselves with all your account’s needs and will ultimately become a liaison between your practice and the assigned billing team.

While outsourcing medical billing is not necessarily the right move for everyone, we encourage you to learn more as to how HealthQuist’s services can help your practice manage its collections to a successful outcome.

HealthQuist is your source for cost-efficient practice management solutions. Click on the Cost-Analysis section to learn more.

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