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HealthQuist provides the following as part of its implementation stage:

Assign Account Manager and establish communication lines
An Account Manager that is completely knowledgeable of the needs of your practice will be assigned to your account. The Account Manager will guide you through the implementation phase and will subsequently act as a liaison between you and the billing team assigned to your account.

Review fee schedule
HealthQuist will perform a review on your fee schedule to understand your charges versus typical payments by various insurance companies.

Set-up account with HealthQuist preferred clearinghouse
HealthQuist will gather the necessary account set-up information: Physician’s names, Tax ID’s, PIN’s, etc.

Arrange for conversion of existing billing data to HealthQuist’s billing software
If you are currently using a billing software that is different from HealthQuist’s software, we can arrange to have your data converted to our software. There is a nominal one-time charge for this service.

Set-up Physician’s office computers for remote access and file-transfer system
HealthQuist provides you full-access to all your billing information. Your Account Manager will come to your office and set-up your computer to access your billing information. In addition, we will set-up a secure file-transfer system, so you can securely transfer your files (superbills, EOBs, etc.) to us, electronically.

Provide preliminary training to office staff on basic use of scheduling/billing system
Your Account Manager will also provide you and your office staff training on the basics of how to use the billing/scheduling software.

Determine requirements for financial reports
Your Account Manager will show you a variety of financial reports and go over what reports you are interested in receiving.
Coordinate roles and responsibilities
Your Account Manager will sit down with you and your office staff and coordinate the roles and responsibilities on both sides.

HealthQuist provides the following ongoing billing services:

Enter patient demographics
We will enter the details, as provided by your office, on all new patients in to the billing system.

Enter charges for office visits and procedures
We will enter all superbills/encounter forms into the billing system.

Transmit electronic claims and/or mail paper claims
We will transmit electronic claims, where possible and if the insurance company doesn’t accept electronic claims, we will print the claim and mail it to the insurance company.

Receive audit reports within 24 hours of electronic submission
Our billing software receives audit reports from the clearinghouse with notification of errors or omissions in the claims.

Track unpaid claims and resubmit when necessary
If we have not received an EOB within 30 days of the last billing date, we will follow-up with the insurance company to find out the claim status.

Notify your office regarding “incomplete claims” that did not process
We will notify your office immediately if claim information is incomplete.

Follow-up with insurance companies on unpaid claims
If an EOB has not been received within 30 days of the initial billing date, we will follow-up with the insurance companies after that period. As for claim denials, our insurance contact specialist review the EOBs and subsequently initiate follow-up calls with the insurance companies, contact your office in the event of missing information or bill the patient.

Balance bill patients
We send a total of three statements to the patient in a 90-day period. After 120-days, we will send your office a patient aging report and you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Provide toll-free number for patient inquiries
Patients will receive a monthly patient statement along with a return envelope and included on the patient statement will be a toll-free 800-number for the patients to call if they have any questions about their statements.

Enter and reconcile insurance and patient payments
We will post all payments that are received by your office. Checks are sent directly to your office and your office staff is required to send the copy of the EOB or check to our office so we can post the payments to the billing system.

Provide monthly financial reports
You have a vast selection of financial reports to choose from. Based on your initial selection of the reports you would like to receive, we will send you those reports monthly. In addition, if you have internet access, you can securely access your account and view and print reports as you like.

Hold regular meetings with Account Manager to review billing and collection activity
At your discretion, we encourage you to meet with your Account Manager on a monthly basis. He/she will sit down with you and discuss the specifics on your account.

HealthQuist provides the following optional services:

Eligibility checks to ensure your patients have active insurance coverage
HealthQuist performs a comprehensive insurance eligibility check to ensure that each patient being seen (as scheduled) has active coverage and we detail the Patient’s Benefits on an excel sheet that is faxed or emailed to your office every morning. Please click here to view a sample eligibility report.

Pre-Authorization for procedures/visits to be performed
HealthQuist will contact the insurance company to obtain pre-authorization for services that are to be rendered. Your Office will have to fill out an in-take form prior to the patient being seen and we will check the patient’s eligibility and ensure that any authorization necessary for visits are obtained from the insurance company. In addition, for surgical procedures, your office may fill out a Surgical Treatment Authorization Form and we will subsequently contact the insurance company and provide necessary medical records to obtain pre-authorization.
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