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HealthQuist is committed to providing our clients with the most advanced technology available in the marketplace today. At HealthQuist, we realize that investing in innovative technological solutions reduces costs, increases revenues and ultimately, boosts profitability for our clients. HealthQuist maintains its own secure technology infrastructure that allows its clients to access all billing information via a virtual private network (VPN). HealthQuist realizes that the ability of its clients to remotely access its billing data on HealthQuist's system, allows its clients to run its office efficiently and effectively.

Remote Access

MDSuite Practice Management Software
HealthQuist provides the latest available version of MDSuite practice management software. Whenever an upgrade is available, HealthQuist automatically upgrades the software and this is at no additional cost to you.

Appointment scheduling software
HealthQuist provides its clients with a state-of-the-art appointment scheduling software made by Data Strategies and incorporated into the billing software, MDSuite. The appointment scheduling software is designed to offer a simple screen layout and command structure, it is easy to learn and use. In addition, with our remote access, you can access your appointment scheduling from home. You can learn more about the appointment scheduling software by clicking on the following link:

Electronic Claim Submission Fees
HealthQuist is responsible for the fee related to electronic claims submissions. It is all packaged together with your billing fee.

Daily file back-up
HealthQuist backs-up your files on a daily basis. You do not have to worry about backing up your files ever again.

Anti-viral software
HealthQuist's system is equipped with top-of-the-line anti-viral software to protect your patient data from any viruses that may permeate our system.

Redundant Firewalls
HealthQuist has installed advanced firewalls and continually maintains those firewalls to prevent intrusion by others.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
HealthQuist has an advanced IDS system in place to detect any undirected or directed attacks on our computer systems.

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