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HealthQuist also offers Pre-Authorization as a stand-alone service. It is not necessary for your Practice to utilize our Billing Services in order to take advantage of this additional benefit.

Unlike our Billing Service Contracts where your fees for Pre-Authorization are built into the collection percentage, we offer flat-fee services (fees are listed below).

How our service works?
  •   You fill out a Pre-Auth form that is customized to your practice specialty
  •   You fax it to our office a minimum of 48-hours prior to rendering services
  •   We contact the insurance company and attempt to obtain pre-auth
  •   You fax any medical records, MRI reports, etc. that the insurance company is requesting
  •   Upon obtaining authorization number, we fax you a confirmation, along with the details
Our fees:

You buy a block of pre-authorizations on a monthly basis. There are no monthly carry-overs on unused pre-authorizations.

 # of Authorization Plan*  Monthly Fee  Cost per Authorization*
 25  $175  $7.00
 50  $300  $6.00
 100  $500  $5.00
 200  $850  $4.25
 300  $1,200  $4.00
 400+  $1,500 +  $3.75

* If you surpass your monthly allotment, you will be charged the cost per authorization, depending on your plan,
  plus an additional $2.00.

To read more about our Authorization Services, click here.
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