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HealthQuist offers healthcare institutions a full-service end-to-end provider credentialing solution. We can credential with any insurance company including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, all commercial insurance companies, DMERC carriers, Workman's Compensation insurances, etc.

Our physician credentialing experts will complete each application in full and submit the application to the respective insurance companies. After submitting the application, we will follow-up with each insurance company for status information on a periodic basis. We will submit status reports on your application process to your office on a bi-weekly basis.

From application to approval, the credentialing process can average 90-270 days, depending on the insurance company.

As applications are processed and approved, we will notify your office immediately of the provider ID #s and effective dates. Be careful that you do not see patients prior to the effective date as most insurance companies will not back-date the effective date. Medicare and Medicaid (depending on State) are among the very few carriers that back-date the effective dates.

In addition to the initial enrollment, we are able to provide the following services on an on-going basis:
  •   Maintain all pertinent credentialing documentation (e.g. DEA, CDS, Medical Licenses, Board Certificates,
         Malpractice Insurance Sheets, CME's etc.)
  •   Distribute all renewed documents including DEA, CDS, Malpractice Insurance Sheets, Medical Licenses,
         updated CME's etc., to insurance companies and hospitals
  •   Track and provide advanced notification of expiring licenses, DEA, CDS, etc.
  •   Track and re-credential with insurance companies as needed
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