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HealthQuist is a revenue cycle management company focused on providing customized full-service medical billing to its healthcare clients. In addition to offering the standard services that most medical billing services provide, HealthQuist surpasses the call of duty by providing additional benefits that are designed to ensure collections are maximized and efficiency is increased among your office staff. The result is your practice is able to focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a group practice, HealthQuist will strive to ensure the integrity and attention to detail that is integral to our services will continue to exceed the industry standards accepted in today’s business climate. HealthQuist continues to raise the bar in the standards of excellence.

HealthQuist provides Provider Credentialing Services to assist Start-up Physicians as well as Non-Start-up practices to go with our billing services.

EMR Software Medical Billing Solution Eligibility Information Pre-Authorization Services
Should I use the EMR Software that my billing service is offering?
HealthQuist’s Full-Service Medical Billing Solution.
Why is obtaining proper patient eligibility information important to my collections.
If our practice only wants to use your company for obtaining Pre-Authorization, can we ?
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